The Synthhumpers Live Performance

(Jim Supanick, Joshua Gen Solondz, 2013, 60 min)

Special Presentations

Alvin Lucier’s The Queen of the South is a form of drawing through the medium of sound, the momentary arrest and exposure of something invisible and ever in flux.  Its prose score allows performers great leeway for their own creative input, accepting of the possibility that no two renditions will look or sound quite like another.  For this Ann Arbor performance, the Synthhumpers—Josh Solondz and Jim Supanick—will approach their materials from a site-specific standpoint: part Sonic Arts Union, and part Wolverine.

Directed by Jim Supanick , Joshua Gen Solondz


Friday, March 22 11:00pm

Afterparty: The Bar at 327 Braun Court

Get a drink at your neighborhood upscale dive-bar and take in a live audio-visual performance by Brooklyn duo Synthhumpers.

The Bar at 327 Braun Court