Some Part of Us Will Have Become

(Semiconductor, 2012, 3 min)

Some Part of Us Will Have Become is the lament of a lone robot bearing witness to a man-made disaster. Made using internet streams captured during the Deepwater Horizon disaster; Semiconductor (with text by Rowena Easton and music by Hildur Gudnadottir)
have created a science fiction, narrated by the voice of a remotely operated vehicle. Whilst declaring hopelessness and despair it attempts in vain to quell the disaster, systematically arranging man-made debris. Overwhelming in enormity, the endeavor ends......without success...


Directed by Semiconductor


Thursday, March 21 9:15pm

Films in Competition 3

2012, an epic abstraction by Takashi Makino, and Some Part of Us Will Have Become by Semiconductor receive their North American premieres. The program features abstract, experimental and narrative films

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)