Solar Sight II

(Lawrence Jordan, 2012, 10 min)

Many of the approaches to the cut-out material are the same as in part I (screened at the 50th AAFF), however II is a much different film. It is more meditative. It has a somewhat slower pace. I tried to let the cut-outs float more gracefully. Again, John Davis' music forms an integral part of the meditation. I have used that word 'meditation' because that is how some very astute friends of mine described it to me on first viewing. The approach is partly planned, partly improvised under the camera. There has been little or no editing outside the camera for many years in my animation. All effects are done in camera. -LJ


Directed by Lawrence Jordan


Thursday, March 21 7:00pm

Films in Competition 2

Recent animation, experimental and documentary films, including Flower by Naoko Tasaka.

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)