(Pat O’Neill, 1967, 10 min)

Named after the high-contrast film stock of the same name, 7362 was a pure annunciation of talent. Taking the pump jacks and oil derricks of Southern California and nude models as raw material, O'Neill mirrors the images into Rorschach-like visual creations, creating a piece of visual music with direct relationship to the hard-edge abstraction of painters of the time. It became an instant classic and continues to be a touchstone work when describing abstract film of the late '60s.

Filmmaker in Attendance, 16mm

Directed by Pat O’Neill


Saturday, March 23 4:00pm

“Water and Power” by Pat O’Neill

Pat O'Neill's first 35mm feature, Water and Power, is widely regarded as a masterpiece. By using a series of visually and aurally dense tableaux created with advanced motion control, optical

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)