Rita Larson’s Boy

(Kevin Jerome Everson, 2012, 11 min)

portrays ten actors auditioning for the role of Rollo Larson in the 1970s sitcom Sanford and SonRita Larson’s Boy is one of three films included in the Tombigbee Chronicles Number Two. The series of films are based on famous people and objects from Columbus, Mississippi, my parent’s hometown. The actor Nathaniel Taylor raised in Columbus portrayed Rollo Larson (Rita Larson’s boy) in the series Sanford and Son. Tombigbee is the river the runs though Columbus.

Filmmaker in Attendance, Video

Directed by Kevin Jerome Everson


Friday, March 22 12:00pm

Juror Presentation: Kevin Jerome Everson

Kevin Jerome Everson's films combine scripted and documentary moments with rich elements of formalism. They focus on gestures or tasks caused by certain conditions in the lives of working class

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)