(Peter Spoecker/B.Y.M. Productions, 1969, 9 min)

Historic Film, Short Film

Before becoming perhaps better known as a master didgeridoo performer and instructor, Peter Spoecker produced a handful of virtuosic animations, often quite deliberately under the influence of various hallucinogens.  Pulse, which took a full year to draw and animate, is a nearly lost masterwork by this Joshua Tree legend, and features a relentless progression of eclectic figurative drawings which continuously morph in and out of warped abstraction. -Mark Toscano

New print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.


Directed by Peter Spoecker/B.Y.M. Productions


Wednesday, March 20 6:59pm

Psychedelic Visions And Expanded Consciousness Los Angeles in the ‘60s and ‘70s

Hyperkinetic experimental film and animation in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s both echoed and informed the volcanic psychedelia that defined this era. Presented by Adam Hyman, Executive Director of

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)