(Suzan Pitt, 2013, 7 min)

Pinball is an experimental animated film of moving abstract paintings which I painted and animated during the past year with a digital camera.  The film visualizes my interpretation of George Antheil's 1952 revision of "Ballet Mecanique" using trigger fast cutting, painted imagery and sound effects.  It might be described as "visual music" ... my aim was to make an artwork which is original, fast, and intense. Let loose from narrative confines I was exploring the nature of time, rhythm, and the abstraction of image and sound.”

Filmmaker in Attendance, Video

Directed by Suzan Pitt


Saturday, March 23 7:00pm

Suzan Pitt Retrospective Program 2

Presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Stamps School of Art & Design Roman J. Witt Artist Residency Program The second of two programs celebrating four decades

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

Friday, March 22 9:45pm

Animated Films in Competition

Recent animated films and videos by Emily Hubley, Maureen Selwood, Maya Erdelyi, Meejin Hong, Shin Hashimoto and Kevin Eskew among others.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)