Phantoms of Libertine

(Ben Rivers, 2012, 10 min)

Glamorous destinations are hand-scrawled in ink beside black and white photographs: Acapulco, Haifa, Marseille, New York. Fragments of fading figures are taped to the yellowing pages of the album. This was a life documented and remembered, but the man who made the album departed a year ago. Now his flat sits silent and heavy, crammed with animistic artifacts, books, collages of broken stone figures, collected and created over decades spent travelling the world for Time & Life magazine. The photo albums are fragile and threaten to fall apart, the talismans are removed from their intended rituals, the dust is more dominant, more all-consuming, than the sense of a living present. Since the departure of its occupant, the flat has become a museum, rather than a mausoleum, a shrine to what has past. –BR


Directed by Ben Rivers


Saturday, March 23 1:00pm

Films in Competition 5

New works by Ana Vaz, Ben Rivers, and the North American premiere of Stephen Connolly’s Zabriskie Point (Redacted). Program concludes with The United States of America (1975) by Bette Gordon

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)