Our Summer Made Her Light Escape

(Sasha Waters Freyer, 2012, 5 min)

A wordless, 16mm portrait of interiority, maternal ambivalence and the passage of time. Sobful to the speaking beings, there is a breeding fever burnout, ou presque. Our Summer Made Her Light Escape explores the beauty and the quotidian cruelties of the natural world right outside one’s door. A crippled bee, a mole in its death throes, a smashed robin’s egg.

Filmmaker in Attendance, 16mm

Directed by Sasha Waters Freyer


Friday, March 22 7:30pm

Films in Competition 4

WEST: What I know about her by Kathryn Ramey included with other experimental and documentary films including: I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard by Matt Wolf, The Mutability Of

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)