Open City

(Tracey D. Sims, 2012, 13 min)

Summertime in Detroit. The last days before school begins once more. As Derrick, Tariq and Deshawn wander through the strange, desolate landscape of their hometown, they can talk of nothing but Shauna, the prettiest girl in school. They recall the conversations they've had with her, a friendly competition to win the affections of their dream girl. As they navigate the abandoned, feral wilderness their neighborhood has become, the boys make a grisly discovery that may shatter them forever. Open City captures youth in it's rarest moments; when innocence is lost and everything changes.


Directed by Tracey D. Sims


Sunday, March 24 11:30am

Regional Competition Program

Recent narrative, experimental and documentary films from Michigan.

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)