Joy Street

(Suzan Pitt, 1995, 24 min)

An ambitious, astonishing story of a woman's journey from suicidal despair to personal renewal, with the help of an unlikely spirit guide. Joy Street is entirely hand painted and took four years to complete.  Using a Fulbright scholar award Pitt traveled to remote rainforest regions of Mexico and Guatemala to create paintings of the nearly extinct patches of remaining virgin forest which were later animated for the film. The music was created for the film by Roy Nathanson and the Jazz Passengers, with title song recorded by Debby Harry.

Filmmaker in Attendance, 35mm

Directed by Suzan Pitt


Thursday, March 21 9:30pm

Suzan Pitt Retrospective Program 1

The first of two retrospective programs by celebrated animator Suzan Pitt, who has been creating some of the most beautiful, strange and fiercely original films for over four decades.  Pitt’s

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)