Isle of the Dead (La Isla de los Muertos)

(Vuk Jevremovic, 2013, 8 min)

What if a silent movie fan, Franz Kafka, offered F.W Murnau to make a film about his short story In the Penal Colony? One soldier is about to be executed because of his disobedience. The execution will be theoretically carried out by an ancient machine which engraves one sentence (the committed crime) on a man’s skin. But the government has decided that this type of punishment is inhuman, and it should be immediately forbidden.Also inspired by some original drawings of Kafka.

World Premiere, Video

Directed by Vuk Jevremovic


Friday, March 22 9:45pm

Animated Films in Competition

Recent animated films and videos by Emily Hubley, Maureen Selwood, Maya Erdelyi, Meejin Hong, Shin Hashimoto and Kevin Eskew among others.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)