In Hanford

(Chris Mars, 2012, 5 min)

In Hanford is artist Chris Mars's fantastic exploration of real incidents in Hanford, Washington, where the local environment was poisoned as a result of cold war era nuclear arms manufacture. Combining fact, firsthand accounts and empathetic fantasy of the victims' plight, In Hanford calls attention to this little-known environmental catastrophe. Created in the renown artist's surrealistic style, In Hanford offers a brief and striking look at this heartbreaking true story.


Directed by Chris Mars


Friday, March 22 9:45pm

Animated Films in Competition

Recent animated films and videos by Emily Hubley, Maureen Selwood, Maya Erdelyi, Meejin Hong, Shin Hashimoto and Kevin Eskew among others.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)