El Doctor

(Suzan Pitt, 2006, 24 min)

This visual animated poem travels between desperation and dark comedy.  El Doctor takes place in a crumbling Mexican hospital at the turn of the century in Mexico.  Inhabited by surreal characters including a man shot with one hundred holes, a girl who has sprouted morning glories, and a woman who thinks she is a horse, the doctor in charge prefers to drink. The Saint of Holes and a mysterious gargoyle rearrange the Doctor's fated demise and send him on a journey of altered perspective.
Taking over five years to complete the film is entirely hand painted by a small group of artists in Los Angeles and Mexico. The screenplay for El Doctor was written by Blue Kraning and the voices for the film were recorded by non-professionals in Morelia, Mexico.  The Doctor is played by Jose Luis Avalos and the Gargoyle is played by Los Angeles actor, Patrick Bauchau.

Filmmaker in Attendance, 35mm

Directed by Suzan Pitt


Thursday, March 21 9:30pm

Suzan Pitt Retrospective Program 1

The first of two retrospective programs by celebrated animator Suzan Pitt, who has been creating some of the most beautiful, strange and fiercely original films for over four decades.  Pitt’s

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)