Circle in the Sand

(Michael Robinson, 2012, 46 min)

In a broken near future, a band of listless vagabonds ambles across a war-torn coastal territory, supervised and sorted by a group of idle soldiers. Rummaging, stuttering, and smashing through the leftovers of Western culture, these ragged souls conjure an unstable magic, fueled by their own apathy and the poisonous histories imbedded in their unearthed junk. Suspicion, boredom, garbage, and glamour conspire in the languid pageantry of ruin; feel the breeze in your hair, and the world crumbling through your fingers. -MR

Filmmaker in Attendance, Video

Directed by Michael Robinson


Saturday, March 23 3:30pm

Films in Competition 6

Michael Robinson’s Circle in the Sand, set in the near future during a second American civil war, follows a band of exiled political prisoners and their supervising soldiers, living in

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)