17 New Dam Rd.

(Dani Leventhal, 2012, 8 min)

In Dani Leventhal's latest video, 17 New Dam Rd., we are invited along on a house visit with a familial group. There's trash in the garden, guns on the sofa, and martial arts in the living room. A photo session records a young woman throwing punches at a man, playacting for the camera, but sweating anyway. A kitten ignores the bullets littered on the ground. Despite the foregrounding of violent pursuits, lost teeth and pool hall fights, there's a rough camaraderie here, a feeling of loyalty and belonging.


Directed by Dani Leventhal


Sunday, March 24 1:00pm

Films in Competition 10

New documentary and experimental films by Dani Leventhal, Mike Hoolboom among others. Program concludes with Spend It All (1971), a lively portrait of Cajun culture, by Les Blank.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)