Installation at Work Gallery



Peter Bo Rappmund
2012 | 60 min
Video and Photographs

Opening Reception March 15 at 7pm
Catered by Jerusalem Garden


March 15 - April 5, 2013
Work Gallery | 306 State St. | Ann Arbor, MI

Tectonics, the most recent work from Peter Bo Rappmund, is an hour-long video projection with accompanying photos. Rappmund describes the work as a “survey of the physical qualities and metaphysical quandaries of the United States-Mexico border”.

Following the Mexico-U.S. frontier, Rappmund takes his journey nearly 2,000 miles from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Ocean. Traversing the border along the entire way, he navigates a site filled with tragedy, violence, and scenic beauty. The Mexico-U.S. border site epitomizes the conflict-ridden question of the “other” and brings forth challenges to our present-day humanity. Dead bodies are collected at mass graves just a mile or two from the border. These failed attempts at crossing the desert slowly fade into dust as the anonymous headstone markers crumble apart under the uncompromising sun. In Arizona, small American flags are strewn along a freshly installed frontier billboard that spells “BORDER” in all caps. Each flag contains a message from a participating U.S. citizen in defense of a stronger, more closed-off boundary. Bo Rappmund captures still the sublime landscape and terrain that make our man-made border efforts appear inconsequential to Nature. -Grace Kook-Anderson, Laguna Art Museum

Peter Bo Rappmund (b.1979, Casper, WY) is an artist living and working in Laguna Beach, California. His previous works include Psychohydrography; Vulgar Fractions; Three/3: In the Ocean, on Land; Firedays; NDaS; and Two/2. He has screened and exhibited his works at the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA Documentary Fortnight, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Locarno, The New York Film Festival, Laguna Art Museum, The Vancouver International Film Festival, Viennale, REDCAT, and Anthology Film Archives among others. Psychohydrography was screened at the 49th Ann Arbor Film Festival.