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Sun, March 24, 11:30am

Regional Competition Program

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

Recent narrative, experimental and documentary films from Michigan.

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Community Partner: Think Local First

Films Showing:

Where Will We Go by IAMDYNAMITE

(Marty Stano, 2012) 3.5 min

Detroit rock duo IAMDYNAMITE is Chris Martin (Guitar, Vox) and Chris Phillips (Drums, Vox). This is the official video for Where Will We Go. Shot on location in Ann Arbor,...


(Brandon Belote, 2011) 9 min

Upon finishing art school, director Brandon Belote looks back at the creative process. Retrospective presents an abstract vision of creativity that is both anxious and beautiful....

Me (That’s What She Said)

(Kelly Dudzik, 2010) 4 min

A self parody of the self. ...

Printing in the Infernal Method

(Ben Beckett, 2012) 3 min

Corrosive colors melt apparent surfaces away....

Monster, Me

(Milt Klingensmith, 2013) 9.5 min

A young girl mysteriously transforms into something she will learn to love, if it doesn't kill her first....

Echoes in a Shallow Bay

(Scott Northrup, 2011) 10 min

A haunting at sea frames this meditation on presence, transubstantiation and immateriality through the use of found and manipulated sounds and images....

They Cannot Touch Her

(Katie Barkel, 2012) 5 min

Neon is the fifth most abundant element in our solar system, but it occurs very rarely on Earth. Despite its rarity here, neon ubiquitously hums, operating with near subtle omnipotence...

Open City

(Tracey D. Sims, 2012) 13 min

Summertime in Detroit. The last days before school begins once more. As Derrick, Tariq and Deshawn wander through the strange, desolate landscape of their hometown, they can talk of nothing...

City Without a Past

(Nicole Macdonald, 2013) 27.5 min

City Without a Past documents one resident's view of the city of Detroit during the past four years, chronicling fires and high-rise demolitions, artist's exploits, run-ins with the law, conversations...

Who Are We?

(Aaron Valdez, 2012) 1 min

Now that's us. ...

The Slaughter

(Jason B. Kohl, 2012) 15 min

A pig farmer tests his unemployed son’s resolve to join the family business....