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Fri, March 22, 5:00pm

Polish Avant-Garde Animation Films

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

The second of two programs of animated films from Poland. Marcin Giżycki will present films spanning 1958 – 2012, including Jan Lenica’s 1963 masterpiece Labyrinth, and Zbigniew Rybczyński’s New Book (1975) and Academy-award winning Tango (1980).

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Films Showing:

The House

(Jan Lenica, Walerian Borowczyk, 1958) 11 min

Polish title: Dom The third and final collaboration between Lenica and Borowczyk, The House was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Experimental Film Competition at the 1958 World's Fair...

The Labyrinth

(Jan Lenica, 1962) 14 min

Polish title: Labirynt The Labyrinth, a metaphorical vision of a totalitarian state, is generally considered to be one of the most outstanding films in the history of international animation....

Market Place

(Józef Robakowski, Tadeusz Junak, Ryszard Meissner, 1970) 4.5 min

Polish title: Rynek A time-laps single shot of a marketplace from daybreak to sunset. A seminal film for the Worshop of Film Form, a neo-Avant-Garde group founded the same year....

The Journey

(Daniel Szczechura, 1970) 7 min

Polish title: Podróż Regarded as one of the most controversial animated films ever produced in Poland. For much of the movie, nothing actually happens. The camera observes a traveller through...

New Book

(Zbigniew Rybczyński, 1975) 10 min

Polish title: Nowa książka The screen is divided into nine smaller ones that show what is going on at the same time in nine different places in a small town....


(Zbigniew Rybczyński, 1980) 8 min

In a room of an overcrowded apartment, which can be read as a cross section of the Polish society under Communism, people miraculously perform their everyday routines without bumping at...


(Grzegorz Rogala, 1981) 8 min

Polish title: Linia A mysterious line intrudes on real life....


(Hieronim Neumann, 1982) 10 min

Polish title: Blok A cross section of a communist housing project. Lives of people inhabiting small apartments intersect in many surprising ways....

Spoken Movie 1

(Wojciech Bąkowski, 2007) 5 min

Polish title: Film mówiony 1 A film without a camera. Chopped phrases murmured by the filmmaker are confronted with blurred images of familiar objects. The author is also a musician,...

Paper Box

(Zbigniew Czapla, 2012) 9 min

Polish title: Papierowe pudełko A montage of decaying and disappearing photographs and documents destroyed during a food. The filmmaker used actual images rescued from his family house after a catastrophic...