Free Event

Sun, March 24, 12:00pm

Music Videos in Competition

UMMA Helmut Stern Auditorium

Program co-curated and presented by Dan Hirsch, featuring contemporary music videos.

Community Partner: UMS

Films Showing:

Quicksand Passin’ Through by Tijuana Hercules

(John Vernon Forbes, Shawn Brennan, 2011) 2.5 min

Full-color animated music video for the song Quicksand Passin' Through from the album The Almanack of Bad Luck by the band Tijuana Hercules. Cartoons by Tijuana Hercules founder John Vernon...

Bird of Flames by David Lynch, Chrysta Bell

(Chel White, 2012) 5.5 min

Driven by the music of David Lynch and Chrysta Bell, Bird of Flames is a meditation on the enigmatic nature of love. In a small nightclub, a spider-like Vietnamese sorcerer...

Postcard From 1952 by Explosions In The Sky

(Peter Simonite, Annie Gunn, 2012) 7 min

Based on found 1950s photographs, Postcard From 1952 is a glimpse into the imagery of memory through the lens of the family camera. From here, we witness time pass, and...

Reagan by Killer Mike

(Daniel Garcia, Harry Teitelman, 2012) 4.5 min

Music video for Killer Mike's Regan railing against the US government's dealings. The targets include the last five presidents, aliens, a killer robot, and Mike himself....

Wild Rumpus by Sonnymoon

(Lauren Santorio, 2012) 5 min

Wild Rumpus is a non-narrative experimental film with an emphasis on found footage and painted/collage animation assembled by hand. The film is accompanied by the song Wild Rumpus by American...

Monad by Chris Cohen

(Kate Dollenmayer, 2012) 4 min

Set to the music of Chris Cohen, Monad samples a small fraction of the thousands of snowflake photomicrographs made over the lifetime of Vermont folk hero Wilson Alwyn “Snowflake” Bentley,...