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Sun, March 24, 11:00am

Films in Competition 9 (Ages 6+)

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

Animated and experimental films by Charlotte Taylor, Ben Popp, Matt Meindl, Joanna Priestley and others.

Sponsored by:  Community Partner: Festifools

Films Showing:

The Edge of Summer

(Charlotte Taylor, 2012) 5 min

A stereoscopic silhouette animation about a girl who falls in love with the sun.  Shot on a handmade animation stand, using a custom designed 3D optical system....

Like a Lantern

(Lilli Carré, 2012) 5 min

A man fantasizes about an exotic and fantastical alternative to his own anchored life. In an absurd attempt to change his situation, he lies sideways on the floor to make...


(Ben Popp, 2012) 3 min

A film using only cut out triangles.  The sound was made using only triangles as well.  Shot on 16mm film and hand processed....

Dear Pluto

(Joanna Priestley, 2012) 4 min

“Dear Pluto, you will always be a planet in my Solar System!” A tribute to everyone’s favorite planetoid, from the poem “Pizza” by Manhattan slam poet Taylor Mali, who narrates...

Song of the Spindle

(Drew Christie, 2012) 4 min

A man and a whale argue about who is smarter. Eventually, they come to an understanding....


(Eric Dyer, 2012) 2 min

Motion hidden underfoot: manhole covers are transformed into a crazy rush of kinetic mandalas....

Close the Lid Gently

(Ariana Gerstein, 2012) 4.5 min

Close the Lid Gently is an animated video made entirely from 2 home desktop scanners- one a photo scanner, the other a refurbished low end document scanner. Each has it's...


(Sam Easterson, 2012) 3 min

Featuring footage from cameras that have been placed inside underground animal habitats (dens, burrows, etc.). Animals showcased include: burrowing owl, black-footed ferret, porcupine, badger, prairie vole, swift fox, deer mouse,...


(Deanna Morse, 2012) 6 min

Tree textures as a metaphor for the human experience.  The trees, as living forms, have chronicled their environment stresses.  The cracks, wrinkles, knots, and scars are an archive of their...

Blanket Statement #1: Home is Where the Heart is

(Jodie Mack, 2012) 3 min

Discordant dysfunction down to the nitty griddy....

Island Light

(Andrew Rosinski, 2012) 3 min

A story of a summer night on a lake, where I paddled a boat to an island....

Places With Meaning

(Scott Fitzpatrick, 2012) 3 min

In 1997 Microsoft created the truetype dingbats font Webdings, the highly anticipated sequel to Wingdings. Controversy had circulated around the original font, so for the sequel special attention was paid...

Don’t Break Down

(Matt Meindl, 2012) 7 min

An imagined afterlife for the ever-present garbage in our urban environments....