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Sat, March 23, 7:15pm

Films in Competition 7

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

Animated, experimental, documentary, and narrative films including new works by Duke and Battersby, Scott Stark and Josh Gibson.

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Films Showing:

Nile Perch

(Josh Gibson, 2013) 17 min

In flickering black and white, Nile Perch tracks a fish from a fisherman’s line on Lake Victoria in Uganda to export commodity. This hand-made film is a modern-day parable of...

Seoul Electric

(Richard Tuohy, 2012) 7 min

A North Asian metropolis. Electricity wires draped like thick webs adorn the streetscape. Expolsive sparks of colour electrify the frame. Filmed in Seoul in black and white. Colourised during processing...

48 Heads from the Merkurov Museum (after Kurt Kren)

(Anna Artaker, 2011) 4 min

Varying realities: That would define one of the most important processes employed by Anna Artaker, which in her case often involves putting historiographic constellations into perspective. Working intensively with death...

Hay Algo Y Se Va. (There is something. Now it’s gone.)

(Kimberly Forero-Arnias, 2013) 3 min

Family footage is gathered and sifted to create a perpetual sea of bodies, gestures and gazes that collide to create a familiar yet estranging reunion....


(Scott Stark, 2012) 11 min

Industrial penetrations into the arid Texas landscape yield a strange and exotic flowering. Using images from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, based on oil drilling footage from the...


(Paddy Jolley, Reynold Reynolds, 2002) 10 min

Burn plays out in a different room of a house. Its occupants are engaged in banal activities  – one man dozes in an easy chair, another brushes his teeth, a...


(Janie Geiser, 2012) 7 min

From a set of photographs found in a thrift store, Geiser creates a liminal space between representation and abstraction, figure and landscape, fiction and memory. Arbor suggests the fragility and...

Burning Star

(Joshua Gen Solondz, 2011) 4 min

Dedicated to my father, who asked that I make a more colorful work. Made during my residency at the now defunct Experimental Television Center, Burning Star is a colorful implo/explosion...

Here Is Everything

(Duke and Battersby, 2013) 15 min

Here Is Everything presents itself as a message from The Future, as narrated by a cat and a rabbit, spirit guides who explain that they’ve decided to speak to us...