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Sat, March 23, 3:30pm

Films in Competition 6

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

Michael Robinson’s Circle in the Sand, set in the near future during a second American civil war, follows a band of exiled political prisoners and their supervising soldiers, living in the ruins of a seaside military fort. With animated, experimental and narrative works by Jesse McClean, Lori Felker, and James Lowne.

Films Showing:

BROKEN NEWS 1: Disaster

(Lori Felker, 2012) 5 min

Part one in a series. I read the headlines all day.  At night, I recalled what I knew. I went to sleep.  I woke myself up.  I reported the newest...

Our relationships will become radiant

(James Lowne, 2011) 9 min

Three narratives unfold together. Inside a vast nature reserve sits a solitary building, a cafe, where an important meeting is being held by executives. Outside in the park, the collective...

Circle in the Sand

(Michael Robinson, 2012) 46 min

In a broken near future, a band of listless vagabonds ambles across a war-torn coastal territory, supervised and sorted by a group of idle soldiers. Rummaging, stuttering, and smashing through...

The Invisible World

(Jesse McLean, 2012) 20 min

The present world is packed with objects that evidence human productivity, yet the desire to possess things remains somewhat mysterious. Lifeless objects become imbued with emotional significance, and possessions linked...