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Sat, March 23, 1:00pm

Films in Competition 5

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

New works by Ana Vaz, Ben Rivers, and the North American premiere of Stephen Connolly’s Zabriskie Point (Redacted). Program concludes with The United States of America (1975) by Bette Gordon and James Benning.

Films Showing:

Zabriskie Point (Redated)

(Stephen Connolly, 2013) 27.5 min

Inspired by a visit to Zabriskie Point – a scenic tourist spot in Death Valley, California – this film re-visits and contemporizes Antonioni’s 1970 MGM film of the same name....

Entre Temps

(Ana Vaz, 2012) 11 min

A meditation and a reverie upon a city at once real and imagined. Conceptualized as a documentary on a modernist housing estate in France, the film has instead found form...

Phantoms of Libertine

(Ben Rivers, 2012) 10 min

Glamorous destinations are hand-scrawled in ink beside black and white photographs: Acapulco, Haifa, Marseille, New York. Fragments of fading figures are taped to the yellowing pages of the album. This...

The United States of America

(Bette Gordon, James Benning, 1975) 27 min

A true masterpiece of 70’s cinema, more remarkable today than ever before. A conceptual bicentennial film dealing with spatial and temporal relationships between two travelers, their car, and the geographic,...