Sasha Waters Freyer

Iowa CIty, IA

Sasha Waters Freyer is a filmmaker, mother, teacher, writer and amateur dressmaker whose experimental non-fiction and documentary films have featured dominatrixes, coal miners, artists, children and activists – inhabitants of the margins of our mediated llandscapes – critical margins that are, in the words of Wendell Berry, “always freeholds of wildness.”  Her work has screened widely in the U.S. and abroad, including on national PBS, the Sundance Channel, and the Tribeca, Telluride and Rotterdam Film Festivals.  She is also an Associate Professor in Film & Video at the University of Iowa.

An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925

(Sasha Waters Freyer, 2012)

An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925 is a lyrical essay film which captures the spirit of excess and adventure embodied by The Great Gatsby (published in 1925) in fragments...