Robert Nelson


Hauling Toto Big

(Robert Nelson, 1997)

Awarded Best of the Festival 36th AAFF (1998) “In the mid 1990s, Nelson started assembling this film from a large stack of b/w footage he had kept from sketches, unfinished...

Bleu Shut

(Robert Nelson, 1970)

Starring Robert Nelson, William T. Wiley, and Diane Nelson. Music by Blue Crumb Truck. "Even when we know the game is an illusion, the experience of Bleu Shut is entirely...

Special Warning

(Robert Nelson, 1999)

"Special Warning is like a poem more than a narrative or story. It suggests states of isolation, barrenness, sexual guilt and sin, but even these punishing afflictions can have a...

Deep Westurn

(Robert Nelson, 1974)

"A 'film wake'. Though celebratory in mood, it has a mournful subtext... death and dying. We dedicated it to Dr. Sam West, departed friend and patron of the arts, trusting...