Neil Beloufa

New York, NY

In his practice Neïl Beloufa (b. 1985, France) demonstrates a persisting interest in dichotomies; reality and fiction, cause and effect, presence and absence, all of which he communicates through mediums ranging from sculpture, video, installation and conceptual photography. Through his construction of dichotomies Neïl Beloufa is able to deconstruct our perceived ideas of truth and fantasy, thus posing fantasy as truth.
Neïl Beloufa himself dubs some of his work as “ethnological sci-fi documentary”. His video Untitled (2010) charts the story of an Algerian family whose house was forcefully occupied by terrorists. Yet, truth is questioned here through the family’s attempts to imagine how the terrorists may have acted in their home, thus replacing truth with fantasy in order to create documentary.



(Neil Beloufa, 2010)

A cardboard decor and photographs reconstitute a luxury Californian-type villa in Algeria. Its inhabitants, neighbours and other protagonists imagine themselves there to explain why and how the latter was occupied...