Kristen Zelenka

Ann Arbor, MI

Kristen Zelenka is graduating with honors from the University of Michigan with a major in Art and Design and minor in Screen Arts.  Kristen’s fascination with different perspectives has steered her towards photography and video because of their ability to capture narrative.  In addition to The Arson of History, Kristen has directed Wired Seoul, served as Production Designer for several student films, and was Director of Photography for the TEDx U of M Spotlight interview series.  Kristen is working on finding a job after graduation in the areas of producing, art direction, videography, or photography.

The Arson of History

(Kristen Zelenka, 2011)

The Arson of History documentary short was created as a student project for Harvard’s 2011 Summer Abroad Program in South Korea.  The documentary explores the relationship between Seoul’s 600-year-old South...