Kohei ANDO

Kohei Ando was born in Beijing, China on 1 February 1944. Received bachelor’s degree from Waseda University’s Faculty of Science and Technology, then went on to study at L’Ecole Centrale in Paris. Director and producer assistant, he acted in Shuji Terayama’s theatrical production “Les Enfants du Paradis” and traveled with Terayama in Europe. The following year, he began shooting independent films. He is the recipient of awards at numerous international film festivals, including Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (“Oh my mother”, 1969) and in Thonon les Bains International Film Fetsival in France (“The Sons”, 1973). His works are included in collections at major art museums and film libraries -London, New York, Tokyo and other cities around the world. He became involved in HDTV production in 1985, and has received numerous international HDTV awards for his role as Director and/or producer, including International Electronic Cinema Festival Astrolabium Award, the International Audiovisual Software Faire Multimedia Grand Prize and the Hivision Award.

Like a Train Passing 1

(Kohei ANDO, 1978)

Space. Inspired by photographs of Winston Link (Night Trick), this film consists of images of trains passing by a house. Trains are viewed from the interior of the house in...