Jose Rodriguez-Soltero

(1949 - 2009)

Jose Rodriguez-Soltero was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1943. He was an undergraduate at the University of Puerto Rico and attended San Francisco State College and the Film Institute at the College of New York. During the 60s, he was the Editor-in-chief of the short-lived film quarterly, MEDIUM and later taught film and video seminars in NYC at Cooper Union College of the Arts and Sterling-Manhattan’s Public Video Access Center.  

While at the University of Puerto Rico, Rodriguez-Solterto made his first film El Pecado Original in 1964, which he dedicated to Luis Bunuel.  Rodriguez-Soltero drew upon a range of both low and high brow sources, including Mendelsohn, Charlie Mingus, Bach, David Rose, music from Ophuls “Black Orpheus,” and the musical “Bye, Bye, Birdie.” He cast the film with students from the University of Puerto Rico and sent the film out to festivals, winning the Grand Prize at the 1965 International Suncoast Film Festival in Florida. This was followed by <i>Jerovi</i> (1965, 11 min) and <i>Lupe</i>(1966,49 min), an underground classic of the stature of <i>Flaming Creatures</i>, <i>Scorpio Rising</i>, <i>Hold Me While I’m Naked</i>, or <i>The Chelsea Girls</i>.-Ronald Gregg, (excerpted from program notes, Pleasuredome screening , 2009).


(Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, 1965)

Screened at the 3rd AAFF in 1965. A sexual probe of the Narcissus myth, Jerovi departs from earlier experimental work by Cocteau, Curtis Harrington, Willard Maas and others, which drew...