Fern Silva

Brooklyn, NY

Fern Silva’s work emerges out of travel, presenting temporal and spatial transitions as conduits into the realms of the personal and ephemeral. Rather than focusing on one single perspective, his work moves through disparate moments to show commonality between beings and structures while exploring the effects of geography, climate and environment on social relations, communication, and the metaphysical. He’s drawn to subjects that defy a national identity or obscurity through myth, folklore, mysticism, or particular rituals. In an effort to avoid conventional aspects of documentary, he reinforces imagination through embracing suggestions of possible narratives.┬áDriven by curiosity and memory, his work reflects the tensions between mystification of the observational and experiential and the realization of moments in time as a form of unification.


Peril of the Antilles

(Fern Silva, 2011)

Peril of the Antilles was filmed at the beginning of November 2010 while visiting a friend in Haiti. At this specific time, the cholera epidemic was on its way to...

Passage Upon the Plume

(Fern Silva, 2011)

Plumes dust the arid land, east to west, shapeshifting as they lift in ascension. Something lowers. An ark ran aground where revolution took root: ropes raise stones in baskets. Hearts...