Danielle Arbid

Danielle Arbid, born in 1970, left Lebanon when she was seventeen to live in Paris. She worked as a journalist covering the Arab world before taking up film. In 2000, SEULE AVEC LA GUERRE won her the Silver Leopard in the Video Competition at Locarno; the Festival subsequently screened AUX FRONTIERES (2002) and ETRANGERES (2002). In 2004 she made the first part of CONVERSATION DE SALON, which won the Video Competition’s Gold Leopard. Her next two films, DANS LES CHAMPS DE BATAILLE (2004) and UN HOMME PERDU (2007), both selected for the Directors’ Fortnight, were followed by THIS SMELL OF SEX (2008), screened at Locarno, and CONVERSATIONS DE SALON II (2009).

Ninha / Nous

(Danielle Arbid, 2005)

"My father was dying. I shot him to keep some evidence. I was afraid to lose everything I thought about him, all my anger against him, all my memories."-Danielle Arbid...