Daniel Schmidt

New York, NY

Born in USA; frequent collaborators working abroad (Angola, Argentina, Brasil, Haiti, Portugal); exploring and participating in emerging cultures and volatile histories through transformations of cinematic forms. A History of Mutual Respect: top prize at Locarno 2010, numerous other awards, and selected as best short of 2010 by BFI. Palácios de Pena: premiered at Venice 2011, plays around the world. Current work in progress: feature length film concerning the adoption crises and aid politics of Haiti and Brasil through inspirations from Hollywood screwballs and satirical travelogues.


Palaces of Pity (Palácios de Pena)

(Daniel SchmidtGabriel Abrantes, 2011)

Haunted by their own directionless lives, two pre-adolescent girls reunite while visiting their ailing grandmother. In the midst of her fantasies of a medieval past – one consumed by fear...