Vergence, 2010, 6 min

Tina Frank

Animation, Films in Competition, Short Film

Vergence, a term from the field of optics, refers to the convergence or divergence of light rays. It also designates slow involuntary movements made by the eyes to center an image on the retina. Convergence and divergence determine the stability and definition with which an object is perceived. Such dictionary definitions provide the point of departure for the rhythmic optical game of deception that Tina Frank and Florian Hecker initiate in their collaborative work entitled Vergence. The ratio of audio and video components are neither convergent nor divergent; expressed simply they overlap, move apart, then back together, accelerate each other, and so on. This sort of interlocking of sound and image repeats within both components, and as a result they remain autonomous to a great extent.


Directed by Tina Frank


Friday, March 30 7:15pm

Films in Competition 4

New films from Martin Arnold, Janie Geiser, Rob Todd, Laida Lertxundi, Kerry Laitalia, Jodie Mack, Albert Sackl and Tina Frank. Program includes Gus Van Sant’s 1978 short film The Discipline

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)