UFOs, 1971

Lillian Schwartz, Ken Knowlton

Animation, Films in Competition, Short Film

This film is not in competition.

Music by Emmanuel Ghent. “UFO’S proves that computer animation—once a rickety and gimmicky device—is now progressing to the state of an art. The complexity of design and movement, the speed and rhythm, the richness of form and motion, coupled with stroboscopic effects is unsettling. Even more ominously, while design and action are programmed by humans, the ‘result’ in any particular sequence is neither entirely predictable … being created at a rate faster and in concatenations more complex than eye and mind can follow or initiate.”

Screening of this film is supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Directed by Lillian Schwartz , Ken Knowlton


Saturday, March 31 11:00am

Films in Competition 5 (Ages 6+)

This visually engaging program of 10 films includes animation, music videos, documentaries and a computer-generated 3D film made in 1971. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)