The Impossibility of Knowing, 2010, 12 min

Tan Pin Pin, Singapore

Films in Competition

The Impossibility of Knowing was borne out of the humble realisation that there is no way one can know everything significant about Singapore. The documentary visits and films locations where crimes or accidents have taken place, long after the events have happened to find out if these places can transcend time to engender their own significance. They cannot. These places only have meaning is so far that they have meaning in relation to individuals or communities. And meaning has to be teased out with research and further questioning. Moreover, one locale can bear infinite shades of meaning for different people.

US Premiere, Video

Directed by Tan Pin Pin (Singapore)


Saturday, March 31 12:30pm

Films in Competition 6

New experimental and documentary films from Canada, Romania, Germany and Singapore.

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)