Psalm II: “Walking Distance”, 1999, 23 min

Phil Solomon

Experimental, Filmmaker in Attendance, Short Film, Special Presentations

Inspired by Kiefer and Ryder, dedicated to Stan Brakhage.

Imagining one of those rusted medieval film cans having survived centuries, a long lost Biograph/Star, a Griffith/Méliès co-production, a two-reeler left to us from, say, the Bronze Age, a time when images were smelted and boiled rather than merely taken, when they poured down like silver, not be to fixed and washed, mind you, but free to reform and coagulate into unstable, temporary molds, mere holding patterns of faces, places, and things, shape-shifting according to whim, need, the uncanny or the inevitable... Walking Distance is a simple Golden Book tale of horizontals and verticals, a cinema of ether and ore... -PS



Directed by Phil Solomon


Friday, March 30 9:15pm

Films by Phil Solomon

A program of works drawn from three decades of the texturally extravagant and profoundly elegiac cinema of Phil Solomon. From his exquisitely bejeweled hand processed 16mm films to the more

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)