Mongoloid, 1978, 3 min

Bruce Conner, (1933 - 2008)

Historic Film, Music Video

A documentary film exploring the manner in which a determined young man overcame a basic mental defect and became a useful member of society. Insightful editing techniques reveal the dreams, ideals and problems that face a large segment of the American male population. Educational. Background music written and performed by the DEVO orchestra.

This film is not in competition

Screening of this film is supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Directed by Bruce Conner ((1933 - 2008))


Wednesday, March 28 3:00pm

Music Videos in Competition

New music videos from Cults, Cave, J Mascis, Juliana Barwick, Matthew Dear and Devo’s AAFF award-winning 1976 film In the Beginning Was the End: The Truth About De-Evolution. Martin Bandyke

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)