Mapping Journey #5, 2010, 11 min

Bouchra Khalili

Documentary, Special Presentations

Part of Khalili's Mapping Journey Project.

Khalili travelled to Marseilles, Ramallah, Bari, Rome, Barcelona and Istanbul– the arteries of trafficking and trade. She walked around each city with maps and a fistful of permanent markers in her bag. She didn’t go searching for her subjects but rather waited for an occasion to meet them. In each of the videos teased from Khalili’s encounters, the subject describes his or her journey and draws its shape. 

In Mapping Journey #5, a young man, dreaming of Italy, zigzags from Dhaka to Delhi, Moscow to Skopje, back to Dhaka and then, trying again, to Dubai, Mali, Niger and Libya, eventually washing up on the shores of Lampedusa, Sicily, five years later. -Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Frieze Magazine




Directed by Bouchra Khalili


Thursday, March 29 7:00pm

Poetic Injustice: Short Films from the Arab World

Curator Irina Leimbacher will present films and videos from the past 25 years from Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Morocco. What does it mean to speak one’s history and the dreams

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)