Kid Beat Box: Twenty-two Tapes, Edit Nine, 2012, 9 min

Stephen Wetzel

Documentary, Experimental, Filmmaker in Attendance, Films in Competition

Kid Beat Box: Twenty-two Tapes, Edit Nine consists of thirty-five 10-second bits of video lifted from twenty-two standard digital video tapes.

"I don't know Kid Beat Box, or I know him only as Kid, a person whose person I really like.  I met him through his cable access show, which basically consisted of a long shot of Kid's face, tight, like he was about to burst out of the screen, red teeth, a few blackened; teased out afro; big stoned eyes — wild eyes.  He called himself, and his callers called him, Rudy the Hustler.  Rudy gave advice to world-weary men, mainly world-weary men, men looking for relationship advice.  The typical adolescent, crass stuff came up during these calls, but it was still amazing, his performance was amazing, hypnotizing.  The video I made is not about Rudy, although he does appear for 10 seconds.

In the end all biography is inadequate, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.  There's much to learn from these efforts.  In saying this I don't mean to suggest that Kid Beat Box is a biography; I don't think it is, or if it is a biography, then that's just part of the story, part of the experience: experiment in biography, anthromentary, experimental document, flimsy structuralist video, short documentary essay.  Whatever the case it's only nine minutes long, and we can handle that." - Steve Wetzel

World Premiere, Video

Directed by Stephen Wetzel


Saturday, March 31 5:00pm

“This Our Still Life” w/ “Kid Beat Box”

Feature in Competition Comprised of video and 8mm footage dating back to 1989, artist and filmmaker Andrew Kötting has created an exceptionally warm yet unsentimental portrait of his family life

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)