Generator, 2011, 20 min

Takashi Makino

Experimental, Films in Competition, Short Film

North American premiere of Makino's most recent work with a score by Jim O'Rourke. The film recently was given the Tiger Award for Short Film, IFF Rotterdam.

The images reach realms beyond our comprehension as they transform and invite us into our own personal memories. Filled with uncertain yet overwhelmingly reminiscent images, the film opens up before our eyes. When the unfixed transformations of light eventually shift into aerial shots, images capable of mutual recognition, we are able to transcend ‘the body’ and ‘personal recollections’ into inter-personal memories that reach back into our ancestral imagination. We may be able to feel as living beings a part of our star for the first time if we recognize our ‘body’ as a small universe, realize our city as an enormous living body and ourselves as merely one cell. - MAKINO Takashi

North American Premiere, Video

Directed by Takashi Makino


Sunday, April 01 11:00am

Films in Competition 10

New experimental films from David Gatten, Samantha Rebello, Takashi Makino and J Mabe. Program includes the rarely seen 16mm film Porch Glider(1970, 25 min) by James Herbert.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)