Washing Walls with Mrs. G, 1980, 6 min

Tony Buba

Historic Film, Short Film, Special Presentations

Every year I washed walls for my grandmother. When my grandmother was 87, I made this film while washing her walls. The camera person was Nick Mastandrea, who has gone on to be one of the top A.D. in Hollywood. Nick never shot anything before this and he said what do I do. I told him don't pan, tilt or zoom, just keep my grandmother in the frame.- Tony Buba


Directed by Tony Buba


Friday, March 30 12:30pm

Kathy Geritz: Juror Presentation

Renowned film programmer from the Pacific Film Archive, Geritz presents a program of historic and influential films that have screened at the AAFF over the past 50 years.

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)