Verses, 2008-2012, 6 min

James Sansing, San Francisco, CA

Films in Competition, Short Film

Verses is a film that animates councilors logs that were found in an abandoned juvenile detention center. The ink stains and mold growth thread their way through the veins of the paper, making Rorschach patterns. This natural phenomenon illustrates the psychological aspect of this institution’s affect on the kids who were detained there.

World Premiere, 35mm

Directed by James Sansing (San Francisco, CA)


Wednesday, March 28 9:15pm

Films in Competition 2

New films and video by Mary Helena Clark, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Marc Pelletier, Scott Stark, Jonathan Schwartz, James Sansing, Chris Kennedy with newly restored films by Phil Solomon and Pat

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)