Sounding Glass, 2011, 10 min

Sylvia Schedelbauer, Berlin, Germany

Films in Competition

A man in a forest is subject to a flood of impressions; structurally rhythmic waves of images and sounds give form to his introspection. -SS

"Waves of consciousness roll in, roll out, leave some writing,
and just as quickly new waves roll in and erase it. I try to quickly read
what’s written there, between one wave and the next, but it’s hard.
Before I can read it the next wave’s washed it away.
All that’s left are puzzling fragments."
––Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami


Directed by Sylvia Schedelbauer (Berlin, Germany)


Saturday, March 31 9:30pm

Films in Competition 9

New abstract, experimental documentary and animated films from the U.S., England, and Germany including recent works by Jennifer Reeves, Fern Silva, Stephen Irwin, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Rob Todd, Evan Meaney, Martin

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)