663114, 2011, 8 min

Isamu Hirabayashi, Tokyo, Japan

Animation, Films in Competition

Once in 66 years, there is a chrysalis emerges above ground
and becomes a cicada. In order to shed his chrysalis,
he is intently ascending with his eye on reaching the top.
The land he lives in appears to be a place that is beautiful,
safe and easy to live in. He finishes his ascent and while
in the middle of emerging from his chrysalis, he encounters
an enormous earthquake. Then, he is also caught up
in the massive tsunami that follows.
However, he is just barely able to escape with his life intact.


Directed by Isamu Hirabayashi (Tokyo, Japan)


Saturday, March 31 11:00am

Films in Competition 5 (Ages 6+)

This visually engaging program of 10 films includes animation, music videos, documentaries and a computer-generated 3D film made in 1971. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)