Sangre de Cristo, 2011, 27 min

Marcy Saude, Los Angeles, CA

Films in Competition, Short Film

In Sangre de Cristo, the titular mountain range is examined as a site where embedded layers of oppositional history converge and are revealed through traces of the past in the present landscape. Included are the 18th century conflict between Spanish colonialists and Comanches, seen through historical markers and a play on horseback; a visit from the Virgin Mary as an inspiration for murder post Mexican-American war; an interview with an anarchist activist who transitioned to a hunter-gatherer life in the Sangres in the 1970s; architecture as a physical manifestation of counterculture; text appropriated from a Rudolph Wurlitzer novel; and- mountains.


Directed by Marcy Saude (Los Angeles, CA)


Wednesday, March 28 7:15pm

Films in Competition 1

New films by David Sherman, Deborah Stratman, Neil Beloufa and Marcy Saude that veer between fiction and non-fiction; with Craig Baldwin’s 1986 epic RocketKitKongoKit.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)