Peril of the Antilles, 2011, 6 min

Fern Silva, Brooklyn, NY

Documentary, Experimental, Films in Competition, Short Film

Peril of the Antilles was filmed at the beginning of November 2010 while visiting a friend in Haiti. At this specific time, the cholera epidemic was on its way to Port-au-Prince, Hurricane Tomas was on the horizon, presidential elections were in a couple weeks and the first Gede (day of the dead) took place since the January quakes. Along the way I acquired a very curious copy of a music video of Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly (Haiti’s newest president and once bad boy of Compas), from his early Nineties heyday… shot in a familiar location… rajé gain´ zoreille… —Fern Silva


Directed by Fern Silva (Brooklyn, NY)


Saturday, March 31 3:30pm

Films in Competition 7

New non-fiction films from Sasha Waters Freyer, Richard Wiebe and Robert Fenz among others.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)