Palaces of Pity (Palácios de Pena), 2011, 58 min

Daniel Schmidt, New York, NY, Gabriel Abrantes, Lisboa, Portugal

Films in Competition

Haunted by their own directionless lives, two pre-adolescent girls reunite while visiting their ailing grandmother. In the midst of her fantasies of a medieval past – one consumed by fear and desire – the two girls are transformed and confront a legacy of oppression.


Directed by Daniel Schmidt (New York, NY), Gabriel Abrantes (Lisboa, Portugal)


Saturday, March 31 9:15pm

“Palaces of Pity” w/ “And I Will Rise…”

Feature in Competition A parable on guilt and oppression set in ancient and modern Portugal; two cousins are potential heirs to their grandmother’s fortune in this wry, absurd black comedy.