Jerovi, 1965, 11 min

Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, (1949 - 2009)

Experimental, Historic Film, Short Film, Special Presentations

Screened at the 3rd AAFF in 1965.

A sexual probe of the Narcissus myth, Jerovi departs from earlier experimental work by Cocteau, Curtis Harrington, Willard Maas and others, which drew upon the Narcissus myth to explore the filmmakers’ Freudian unconscious and homosexual desire. Rodriguez-Soltero’s film celebrates narcissistic desire and the physical act of self-love. A product of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, Jerovi loves himself without shame, in a lush, colorful, natural setting. - Ronald Gregg

Screening of this film is supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

16mm, Silent

Directed by Jose Rodriguez-Soltero ((1949 - 2009))


Wednesday, March 28 9:30pm

Out Night with Barbara Hammer

A celebration of historic and influential LGBTQ films, featuring trailblazing filmmaker Barbara Hammer in person with her films. Tina Takemoto’s video Looking for Jiro (2011), Ira Sachs’ 1994 film Lady,

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)