Emblem, 2012, 16 min

Rei Hayama, Japan

Films in Competition, Short Film

Like the animals are originally one of their main motifs of emblem, images for researching threatened bird species were used in EMBLEM as a fiction. But the light of EMBLEM is directly projected on to the audience and dedicated to the act of searching relations between every thing in the depth of their observation. Sometimes, created world is excessively believed. But the pure nature-observers can find something, which is never interrupted by any watch and any promises, even in a created world. And this feeling makes us realize that we are not living in a fantasy world.


Directed by Rei Hayama (Japan)


Thursday, March 29 9:30pm

Films in Competition 3

New experimental, animated, and abstract works by Charlotte Pryce, Lawrence Jordan, Rei Hayama, Norbert Sheih, and Telcosystems. Program begins with a newly preserved 16mm print of Chakra (1972, 6 min)

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)